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Posted on December 1, 2023 7:00 AM by Admin
Categories: General
Road Maintenance Plan    (November 2023)
Purpose: The LRPOA Road Maintenance Plan has been developed to ensure the LR
Community roadways are maintained in the most efficient manner possible to keep them safe
and traversable while helping maintain property values for all residents. The following will inform
you of the actions taken to date, the current efforts underway, our short & long term maintenance
plans, current costs of needed services, and several funding options for the future.
Even though much work has already been completed, care of our roadways requires constant
vigilance, care, and funds to maintain. This product will lay out the path to ensure we can fuse
all those needs together to keep our roadways operating in peak condition for all to enjoy. This
plan is and will be a team effort with the ultimate decision on direction, quality, cost, and
timeliness being made by the LR Community.
Actions Taken to Date: Community involvement is key to the success of this effort and
the need for a LRPOA Road Improvement Committee (RIC) was quickly organized which took
advantage of the skills and expertise of current LR residents to start this process. A RIC Charter
was developed with specific action items identified with the ultimate goal of producing a road
maintenance plan and offer solutions and help guide us for all future actions. The committee
consisted of the following LR residents:
Dave Frazier Team Lead           Doug McVey Team Member
The committee performed/produced the following results:
o Researched assessment tools and companies to evaluate road condition.
o Coordinated inspections with County assessors and several private companies.
o Produced an initial Pavement Condition Index (PCI) rating for our roads.
o Identified damaged/trouble areas.
o Identified immediate vegetation incursions and mitigation requirements.
o Identified road shoulder damage repair needs, options, garnered estimates.
o Identified crack sealing needs, options, and garnered estimates.
o Identified damaged road repair solutions for fragmenting surfaces.
o Identified Resurfacing options and estimates.
- Preventative Maintenance Plan Development
o Developed vegetation control inspection criteria/timing.
o Developed crack sealing inspection/timing requirements.
o Developed roadway condition inspection timing requirements.
o Developed inspection criteria post road resurfacing efforts.
The LRPOA Board reviewed and accepted the recommendations of the RIC Committee and
immediately initiated the following actions:
1. Performed vegetation control spraying of roadsides -- Will maintain a 3’ vegetation
free zone alongside all roads to reduce incursion and keep vegetation from
fragmenting road surface.
2. Installed reinforced concrete “Ribbon Curbing” on five high wear areas around curves
on Lewis Ranch Rd to provide additional support for road edges.
3. Re-tilled approximately 15,500 linear feet of road shoulder stone and aggregate in
designated high wear areas along all roads and reinforced the tilled aggregate with
concrete mix to strengthen/stabilize road edges and reduce water erosion effects.
4. Applied crack sealing on all roads to prevent water intrusion and subsequent road
substrate failure.
5. Developed short-term and long-term road maintenance plans.
Short-Term & Long-Term Road Maintenance Plans:
Short-Term Plans:
1. Execute RIC recommendations.
2. Develop “Road Condition Inspection Checklist” which details actions & timing of future
inspections (See Attachment 1).
3. Perform vegetation mitigation efforts twice per year in April and October starting in 2024.
4. Repair 2 sections of road over culverts on Lewis Ranch Road in 2024.
5. Perform crack sealing efforts every 2-3 years based on annual road condition inspection
6. Repair fragmented surfaces (Alligator cracking) as needed based on annual road condition
inspection results.
7. Compare the cost of different road repair/life extension options.
8. Identify/compare/present repair options and their cost for road sealing and resurfacing to
the community for consideration of future assessment(s).
9. Prepare, debate, and vote on options for a Road Repair Special Assessment during the
Annual Member’s Meeting in 2024.
Long-Term Plans:
1. Continue short term plan preventative maintenance & repair efforts.
2. Develop funding strategies to ensure future maintenance & repair costs are considered in
all future assessments levied on the community.
3. Focus on actions which provide the best results with the least financial impact on the
Current Costs of Road Repair Options:
The following details the current costs of needed mitigation services to ensure long-term
viability of our community’s roadways.
The RIC coordinated with several local contractors and government agency reps to help
determine the community’s road condition and the costs for any repairs or improvements. The
details can be found in the LRPOA RIC’s Final Report dated May 17, 2023. The following is a cost
comparison based on the different road resurfacing mitigation options required to maintain
and/or improve our roads.
Road resurfacing options:
Estimates below are based upon completing work on all roads in the community,
approximately 68,355 total square yards. Repairs can be broken down into smaller areas, but
overall cost would increase due to the logistical efforts required to pre-position equipment in
place for repairs over multiple times. The “Total Costs” listed below include the cost of materials
and labor (cost per Square Yard) as well as the logistical setup costs for that particular effort/option.
Additionally, the cost listed does not include the associated taxes for each effort.
1. Scrub Seal: Polymer modified rejuvenating emulsion aided with application of
textured aggregate which renews pavement surface/seals all large and small cracks.
Cost: $3.75 / Square Yard Total Cost: $256,000.00
o Fills all cracks – Large & Small.
o Provides smoother road surface as it fills in cracks.
o Additional aggregate mitigates slippery concerns.
o Refreshes road color due to sun bleaching.
o Rejuvenation effects are limited as it provides a moderate amount of longevity
before requiring road reapplication, approximately 3-5 years per application.
o Moderately durable and wears unevenly with continued vehicle traffic.
2. Micro Surfacing: A polymer modified asphalt emulsion with mineral aggregate and
filler spread to a 3/8” thickness over the pavement surface.
(Note: Roadway must be sealed prior to application. This option would require
additional funds to thoroughly Crack Seal or perform a Scrub Seal depending on road
condition at time of application).
Cost: $4.54 / Square Yard Total Cost: $310,000.00
o Seals surface completely and fills all cracks and minor road deformations.
o No excess loose gravel/mess upon completion.
o Provides a seamless and much smoother road surface.
o Much more durable than Scrub Sealing only option.
o Will last from 5-7+ years.
o In use throughout NB and SA with very favorable results.
o Could complete entire community and be drivable in a 24-hour period.
o Does not wear unevenly as Scrub Sealing alone will.
o Can be done in stages based on available funding.
o Cost increased as it requires road to be sealed prior to application.
o Must repair areas with substrate issues prior to application for best results.
o Most expensive option short of road replacement/resurfacing.
o Cost increases significantly if done in stages.
3. Chip Sealing: Process of evenly distributing a thin layer of hot tar onto the roadway
and then embedding small aggregate/stone onto it and rolling it in place. This method
was used on Schoenthal Rd in 2022.
Cost: $3.60 / Square Yard Total Cost: $ 246,000.00
o Seals surface completely and fills in all cracks.
o Smooths out minor road deformities.
o More cost effective than road surface replacement.
o More durable than all previous options
o Will last from 7-9 years.
o Process seals road completely and rejuvenates road base all in one action.
o Creates a much rougher road surface than previous methods and significantly
increases road noise.
o Leaves a considerable amount of excess stone on the side of the roadways.
o Excess stone takes time to disperse causing an increase in possible damage to
vehicles from stone kicked up by other passing vehicles.
o Poses an increased risk of injury to folks walking on roadway and being hit by
flying stones from passing vehicles. Hot Mix Asphalt Resurfacing: Removing and replacing the current asphalt throughout
the community.
4.  Cost: $15.00 / Square Yard Total Cost: $1,025,000.00
o Replaces current road and restarts road lifecycle, so as to last another 30 years.
o Delays annual maintenance costs/requirements due to age of current roads.
o Repairs all current substrate and road issues.
o Increases neighborhood aesthetics.
o Increases property values.
o Cost = approximately $9,400.00 Special Assessment per lot.
o Unaffordable to many residents.
o Most expensive option.
o Process would take approximately 60-90 days to complete.
o Increased traffic delays.
o Temporarily reduces access to driveways.
Road Repair Funding Options:
There are a limited number of funding options available to pay the high cost to maintain and
improve our roadways. Since LR is a privately owned entity/community, the burden of
maintaining our roads falls on all of the current residents. The LRPOA Board is charged with
investigating options and presenting them to the community, but the ultimate approval
authority is the community through their voting efforts. The following options will require input
and approval from the community as the cost is so high. It will also require a vote by the
community as to the direction, option, and cost of repairs to be completed through a Special
Assessment at some time in the future.
The following funding options are based on contractor bid inputs and will vary from the “Road
Surfacing Options” cost info stated earlier as we deviate from a plan to repair all the roads
throughout the entire community at the same time. Costs are also subject to change depending
on completion timelines and costs of materials at time of bid acceptance.
Funding Option #1:
Scrub Seal and Micro Surface
Cost = $549,000.00
Method: Special Assessment – Approx. $5,000.00 per Lot
Funding Option #2:
Micro Surface Only
Cost = $310,000.00
Method: Special Assessment – Approx. $2,800.00 per Lot
Funding Option #3:
Scrub Seal Only
Cost = $256,000.00
Method: Special Assessment – Approx. $2,400.00 per Lot
Funding Option #4:
Chip Sealing Only
Cost = $246,000.00
Method: Special Assessment – Approx. $2,300.00 per Lot
Funding Option #5:
Asphalt Road Replacement
Cost = $1,025,000.00
Method: Special Assessment – Approx. $9,400.00 per Lot
Funding Option #6:
Scrub Seal and Micro Surface Lewis Ranch Rd Only
Cost = $355,000.00
Method: Special Assessment – Approx. $3,225.00 per Lot
Funding Option #7:
Scrub Seal and Micro Surface all Roads Except Lewis Ranch Rd
Cost = $278,000.00
Method: Special Assessment – Approx. $2,525.00 per Lot
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